Castle (sort of) marathon with Alex.

Just did the episodes with Agent Shaw. The CSI‑esque trickeries turned me off.


My buddy saw Thomas the Tank Engine getting kidnapped earlier this morning.


The scene of the movie that every guy waits for… She takes it off.

Yup, I’ve always thought this generation of the C‑Class looked better as a coupé than a sedan. Better roofline past the B pillar, I think.

Why can’t they pick songs from my iTunes library for the music round of Trivia Night?

If you’re not going to make audio announcements about which floor it’s arrived at, then what’s the point of putting braille on the lift’s buttons?

I’m saddened to say that Bungie’s board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014.


Wait, what‽

Jenga, scaled up.