I’m told by Alex that Grindr currently does not work with iOS 8 right now.

No idea what those people were doing for the last three months. Can’t say that I’m that surprised though.


Safari in iOS 8 supports APNG! Can we please ditch GIFs? Please?


Screenshots from iPhone 6 Plus are 2208×1242, not 1920×1080. So if you want to see how things are truly rendered, get a loupe.

Destiny's Strikes are so not single-player affairs, not unless you’re OP. Better have a stable connection to Xbox Live and an open NAT.


This message was handwritten.


‏oooh, look at you and your pen


This is pretty cool actually.


Making many mistakes?


Recognised “actually” as “anally”.


Definitely quicker to type though.


Everything seems to be in order then


Egg freckles?

Spent way too long jumping and trying to reach a chest of Not‑Much.

I think I’d prefer it without the graphics on the lid. But still, this looks pretty cool.

Was going to install a Minecraft mod to help Kilby test some stuff, but ended up getting an installer that installed a bunch of malware/crap instead. It seems like I’ve got rid of it, but I’m still refreshing my Surface just to be safe.

First time I’m aware that I’ve put something bad on my PC, but that’s still scary enough. Unless it’s from a well-established publisher, I do not want to install stuff from outside the Windows Store anymore.

Ooh! A train! And not just any train, an actual steam engine! An actual choo choo train!


So I finally watched the Apple keynote. Did not help convince me about the whole idea of smartwatches, let alone Apple Watch.

That said, seeing as it’ll be cheaper than a 6 — not keen on the new sizes, and still satisfied with the still-new 5 anyway — I’ll probably do that instead, just so I can have Apple Pay.

Once they’ve got HSBC Australia signed on, that is.