Lytro Changed Photography — Now Can It Get Anyone to Care?

On one hand, Lytro’s cameras capture a scene in a more literal sense:

But on the other hand:

Still, I want. My only worry is that because the format is new, there’s no standard, and the data of the shots taken are proprietary (for now, potentially forever if there’s no way to convert them over later).

I’m kind of a freak about capitalization. Not that I know how to capitalize things properly every time, but I feel that at the very least I aspire to capitalize the right words in a title. Doing so, I find, adds a subtle but worthwhile dollop of goodness to written text. Proper capitalization shows that you care about the English language, that you know that in a given headline, not all words should be treated with equal emphasis, that some of them deserve more prominence than others. In that sense, capitalization is, to me, the very same thing as good typography.

Khoi Vinh, Correct Title Capitalization

“To do everything we can to keep our products out of landfills.”

This. This is something I feel nobody in tech but Apple actually thinks about, this long-term life of a product. The iPhone 4 got iOS 7 four years after launch. iMacs and MacBook Pros from 2007 are still being supported by Mavericks.

(Microsoft seems to be trying to do the same with Windows Phone, but one major OS update and two years is too soon to tell.)


This onesie turns you into a walking Wi‑Fi hotspot

I’ve found my onesie!


if I lived in GoT, I’d want to be from Dorne.

Alex bought some yesterday afternoon, but then left them on top of the fridge for five hours instead of putting them in the freezer.