We’ve all been on both sides.

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Feature request: calculations + conversion in one formula/query in Spotlight.

Free space on my MacBook somehow went from about 12 GB before I even downloaded the Yosemite update, to 18 GB after I’ve installed it.

I’m not complaining. I’m just surprised.

[Edit: And now it’s found me another 3 GB. What are you doing, OS X?]

I see that the Spinning Beachball is still lick‑ably Aqua in OS XY.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.

I like the idea of keeping ticket stubs, just for the sheer sake of nostalgia. But actually storing those little bits of paper is a hassle, and eventually, they’re bound to end up getting lost anyway.

So instead, I’m making up Passbook passes for them. And just as a start, I’ve recreated the tickets for the movies I’ve seen this year, including the actual ticket reference numbers and GPS coordinates for the cinema’s location.

(There should be a fifth one for Godzilla, but I haven’t been able to find the stub for it.)

Some quick notes:

  • Apple’s sample pass uses a blurred version of the poster for the background, but I prefer using alternative marketing material of those movies.

  • I chose to use title‑less movie posters because the titles are already on the pass anyway. Speaking of which…

  • Passbook weirdly doesn’t have an option to truncate text for you. Instead, it just shrinks everything until it fits inside the defined, fixed-size of its container. All those shortened film titles and ellipsis? I’ve had to do that myself.

  • Maybe it’s a leftover from the old iOS 6 pass layout, but there are some things I find odd about how things are aligned. For example, I’ve had to shift the logos to the right by five pixels (2.5 points) in the @2x PNG itself, or the left edge would not have lined up with the text fields underneath it.

I’m planning to keep making more of these.

Do a flip!

A Ferrari that can be phased through, and an E‑Type that ignores fences.

What hitbox?

Why should the lighting change based on which car has the focus?

I love and hate Drivatars in Forza Horizon 2. They can make things more challenging, but they can also really fuck up your race.

Difference of six seconds between having to fight with Drivatars throughout the race, and being able to get ahead of them.


Apple just released a new Mac OS, and we made a Tumblr app especially for it.

Definitely getting this just for the Share Extension, once I’m up to OS XY.

(Still deciding whether I want to wait until more of the apps I use are updated for Yosemite first.)

John Siracusa:

Yosemite includes a new “reduce transparency” option in its Accessibility preference pane, aimed at addressing possible usability problems created by the OS’s new look. Enabling this option removes transparency nearly everywhere. The Dock, menu bar, toolbars, sidebars, context menus, sheets, Notification Center — all completely opaque.

I haven’t put OS XY on my MacBook yet. Judging by screenshots though, I feel like I’d prefer some sort of middle ground between this and the default: window chrome can show that window’s content underneath/behind them, but don’t let the desktop background bleed through.

(Keep the Dock translucent though.)