I don’t get it.

I want to add a couple of old boarding passes to Passbook. They’re old and long expired, and can’t be downloaded from the airline anymore, so I thought I’d make it myself. (As far as I can remember, “dumb” Passbook passes — ones that don’t get live updates from servers — are just glorified packages of text/image files.) However, I do still have the boarding pass with the barcode in my email, which I was thinking I could work backwards from.

To find out what the Aztec code is, I got an app that can read it. It then spat out a text string that seemed to have all the right info; name, seat, frequent flyer number, destination, gate etc.

Problem is, when you put that string back into an Aztec code generator, the pattern is not the same as the original. I’m guessing that means the string was encoded/encrypted somehow before it was turned into Aztec. But for the code reader app to be able to spit out that seemingly info‑rich string, shouldn’t that also mean that the key is also in there somewhere? Is there some way to find out what that key is? Or what that encoded string itself is?

Step one of making an attempt at sorting through my feeds: isolate the ones I do care about.

And turn off unread counts.

Also: nobody told me that we were getting a work experience guy today.

Or that he was going to be cute.

I need to cut down on the number of things I follow or subscribe to. I just don’t have the same amount of time that I used to to go through so much stuff.

But then I look at how long that list is, and can’t find the effort to sort through it…

How I decided to abandon my Titan character and restart with a Hunter:

  1. Find out Nathan Fillion is the voice for the Hunter Vanguard.

Also, I wish Xbox’s Upload Studio had basic fade-to/from/through-black transitions, so that I didn’t have to have hard cuts between clips.

Having an iPad in my pocket is nice, but the Windows Phone People Hub is just simply a much better way to check Facebook and Twitter.

I really like my new iPhone.

I’m putting it down to “new toy honeymoon”, but iOS 7, A6, Retina, thin, chamfered edges… It really is like having the iPad in my pocket again.

There’s a temptation to actually use it as my phone instead of the 920, at least for a few days. But the SIM card’s not the right size.

I shall nickname it: Breast Cancer Awareness.

Took two-and-a-half weeks for the damn thing to get here, but I specifically wanted the pink one. Partly because it’s a Europe-exclusive colour right now and you can’t get it in Australia, so it’s a little bit special, but mostly for a sentimental reason: the first DS Lite I played with — played with, not the one I had — was pink. That’s basically it.

(The standard colours — grey, blue, red — weren’t that interesting either.)

My new iPod is here.

(Seriously, if it weren’t for my attachment to iTunes and, I wouldn’t still be carrying an iPhone.

I just learnt from lyster that Minecraft only runs in 2x mode on Retina Mac OS X. That disappoints me.

Just visited four-day-old Eric.

The classic Apple in a modern ad? Cool.

I suppose you could consider it an extension of the Verses campaign, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of another recent example of Apple running a TV campaign like this. An ad that’s based around its real-world users, having them be the endorsers. Bit surprising.

By the way, this is how I did the lid of my MacBook Pro.