Kim was just saying that he is suddenly interested in playing Super Smash Bros. now.

Hmm. Wonder why?

He better be shirtless on the 3DS as well.

If a fat/large/heavy person sits to one side of a plane, rather than the middle, does that mean the engine on that side has to work harder?

Put another way: how much of a left–right weight imbalance does there have to be to make an appreciable difference to engine performance?

Camping out next to a power point at gate 32, because I’m the Dalai Lama. Sitting on the floor, downloading and installing all the updates to my new Surface Pro 2.

So good that the Surface chargers have their own built‑in USB ports.

Hand slipped and dropped the suitcase I borrowed from Mark.

The retractable handle didn’t actually get bent by much, but it was just enough that I couldn’t push it back in properly anymore.

Eventually brute forced it so that I could check it in, but I very much doubt it can be pulled back out again.


At least it was a Jeep suitcase, I guess, not an actual Jeep.


Two CSS properties walk into a bar.

A barstool in a completely different bar falls over.

Going to the beach without sunscreen was a mistake. Pretty sure I have cancer now.

(Alex requested that I post this.)


I'm low on battery, by the way. May suddenly go quiet.


On your iPhone?


Yea, I'm on the iPhone right now.


Could guess by the battery :P


I never believed people who said their iPhone 5 had short battery lives until I actually had an iPhone 5 myself.


I just thought they were doing something stupid.


nop, it really is pretty much everyone. I hear it from all my iPhone owning friends

Saw my first Bitcoin ATM vending machine today.


Just got myself a Gigabyte Tegra Note 7.

Absolutely love it.


Vu Bui, Mojang:

Alex! We go?


Took a picture behind my work at dusk after it rained.


George W Bush did that ice bucket challenge which is cool b/c he made a lot of people do some sort of water based challenge while in office.